For corporate clients


Eurotel offers organization of high-tech unlimited Internet for business. In order to provide optimal solutions for business tasks of corporate and business clients corresponding to their needs and possibilities, we implement telecommunication projects of any complexity. Internet connection includes organization of a physical channel with required carrier capacity (up to 10 gigabits) from Eurotel’s station to subscriber’s equipment. We lay high quality communication channels through optical cables within the time limit from 2 days and more. For the period of using the Service, clients are provided with necessary quantity of real IP-addresses out of address space of Eurotel’s network. Round-the-clock technical support (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) enables to react promptly not only to possible incidents, but also to solve any problems of our clients with setup and proper operation of computer and telecommunication equipment, as well as automatic switching centers. High quality of rendered services, possibility to obtain new and unconventional services in the course of operation, stability of unlimited Internet channel, minimum terms necessary for establishing connection, reliability, personal manager, guarantee for declared speed, individual tariff plan based on customer’s financial possibilities – these are the benefits, which Eurotel offers to its clients!

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We will be happy to give prompt and comprehensive answers to all of Your questions

Data transmission channels

Eurotel provides communications operators and Internet providers with interurban and international dedicated digital loop carriers enabling transfer of information of any kind using any protocols. Dedicated digital loop carriers provide a basis for construction of telephone networks and data transmission networks. Dedicated channels for communications operators and Internet providers ensure a possibility of connecting switching equipment or data communications equipment and provide a basis for networking enabling passing of any traffic irrespective of its nature (voice, data or video). Dedicated channels are characterized by:

  • high reliability
  • data security
  • independence from data link protocols
  • guaranteed transmission rate

Having joints with Russian and other foreign operators, we lease digital channels to any place all over the world.

Please, contact us to get more detailed information about services of our company:

We will be happy to give prompt and comprehensive answers to all of Your questions

Server colocation

The Company is ready to provide place in datacenter – from several units to full racks. As required, we can organize virtual channel between equipment in the datacenter and customer’s office.

Cost of equipment placement Rate per month
Equipment installation free of charge
User charge per each occupied technological unit * UAH 500 including VAT
* – 1 Unit, unit of measurement of equipment mounted into 19″-rack, is taken equal to 45x475x740 mm (height, width, depth).
Lease of Ethernet switchboard port Rate per month
100Mb/s connection mode per 1 port UAH 1000 including VAT
1000Mb/s connection mode per 1 port UAH 3000 including VAT

Dear Clients, we draw Your attention to the fact that we charge additional fee in case if Your equipment has two power sources (main and backup) or aggregate power consumption of Your equipment exceeds the standard one (for details, please, contact our staff). This means that You should not use power sources with power significantly exceeding power really needed for normal operation of equipment. Our Company’s staff will be glad to give You advice on this matter.

Services provided FREE OF CHARGE in case of server location (colo):

  • mounting of server (colocation)
  • round-the-clock technical support
  • no-break power
  • 8 IP addresses with expansion capacity
  • on-demand server reboot
  • monitoring of equipment and communication channels
  • support of primary and secondary DNS servers
  • itemized statement on traffic

Technical requirements to mounted equipment

Clients’ equipment to be mounted shall meet the following minimum requirements:

  • server (switchboard, router) must be not more than 840 mm deep
  • server must have rails (preferably telescopic ones);
  • rails shall expand by 745 mm for their fastening to 19″ mounting panels of a rack;
  • switchboard or router must have «ears» for fastening to 19″ rack;
  • equipment must have 220 Volt power cable suitable for Euro socket.

If equipment does not meet any of the requirements listed above, Eurotel shall have the right to refuse a placement of equipment. Clients’ equipment is placed into closed 19″ cabinets. Eurotel’s engineers do not setup placed servers. Client adjusts all settings by his/her own.