Construction of fiber-optic communication lines

LLC “Eurotel” provides its clients full set of services on design and construction of communication sites, telecommunication networks and information systems. Design – is an earnest of success in construction and organization of modern office, building, and site. Design of high-tech engineering communication systems, telecommunications and IT-infrastructure are of particular importance for this process. We recommend connecting Internet through fiber-optic communication line for companies having their own local network and requiring a high-speed access to Internet resources. Fiber-optic communication line’s advantage lies in possibility of its use not only for providing access to Internet, but also for audio and video transmission, construction of corporate networks and a wide range of additional services.Connection through fiber-optic communication line:

  • channels with guaranteed bandwidth up to 10G and 100G
  • scaling possibility
  • reduction of costs of other kinds of communication
  • easy to use
  • high quality and reliability of communication
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Design and installation of structured cabling

LLC «Eurotel» is a multiproduct network integrator. The Company performs design and installation of all types of structured cabling (SC). We assume responsibility for development of a project, which is optimal for a given Customer, for high quality realization of the whole work package on design, installation, certification and testing of Customer’s cable and physical infrastructure. We offer our Customers a full set of services on integration of enterprise’s separate local networks into a single network. Certified professionals whose professional qualification is proved by manufacturing companies on an annual basis perform installation of networks of any type. Certified professionals with many years’ experience in network installations perform all types of works. The Company offers high quality warranty and post-warranty servicing of structured cabling, systems of technological video surveillance and technological safety… We are ready to share our many years’ IT-experience with You. From the moment of Customer’s visit to our company and until conclusion of agreement on design and construction of structured cabling, Project’s SC Manager carries out examination and analysis of all available Customer’s hardware, defines architecture of structured cabling to be developed and provides Technical and Commercial Proposal (TCP) with detailed description of all types of works to be performed by professionals of our company and Customer’s resources. At the stage of creation and discussion of a document, correspondence between elaborated solution and Customer’s requirements is being defined. We offer our Customer an estimated cost and functionality of future structured cabling. Before the commencement of any works on establishing of new cable system for Your organization, we perform detailed audit of current situation, detect opportunities and risks of realization of a new cabling in Your building (or group of buildings). After project closeout, we are ready to provide technical support and after-sales service for Your system. For detailed information about conditions of such cooperation, please, contact a Manager assigned to You by LLC “Eurotel”.

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As of today we are ready to offer You the following services:

  • system administration
  • design, setup and servicing of computer and local networks
  • installation of cable systems
  • installation of Wi-Fi and access points
  • laying of telephone circuits
  • setup of office automatic switching centers

Each of services listed above is of top-priority for us, which makes it possible to satisfy all demands and needs of each client, both natural person and legal entity. System administration we offer is designed to ensure uninterrupted and efficient operation of computer equipment in Your office, promptly detect and eliminate possible faults and malfunctions. Cabling design performed by our best professionals allows for the creation of reliable and secure system with all necessary advantages: fast and high quality transmission of different types of information, remote administration, cost minimization, increase in personnel’s productivity, etc. Offered services of computer and local networks setup and servicing are rendered in strict conformity with the established and operating standards. Having chosen us You can be sure that all necessary stages of setup and servicing will be performed on a professional level. Competent installation of computer networks and structured cabling (SC) ensures optimal efficiency of all IT-equipment of Your office (computers, telephones, printers). In terms of the above one can conclude that our organization’s main objective or even mission is a professional consulting and outsourcing of IT-services. As distinct from many of our competitors, we are ready to offer each our client a reasonable and affordable pricing policy, professional experience of our employees, as well as high quality rendering of all abovementioned services on a round-the-clock basis.

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