Backbone networks

Compatible with conventional and advanced technologies, high density of network coverage provide telecommunications operators and local providers with unique opportunity for mutually beneficial partnership with “Eurotel”. Use of Eurotel’s network infrastructure will provide communications operators with opportunity to enlarge coverage of their own network and widen range of services, while preserving high level of accessibility and controllability of services. Eurotel provides communications operators IP transit service at speed up to 10 gigabits per second. Own channels’ capacity and direct joints with the largest Internet providers ensure minimum traffic delays and comfortable work of operators’ subscribers with both Ukrainian, as well as foreign segments of Internet. Especially for providers of Internet services we have elaborated different tariffication options based on: traffic volume, data transfer rate and used transmission band. “Eurotel” offers one of the largest product lines on the Ukrainian communications market based on own network for unification of segments and organization of multiservice operator networks. Support of any link protocol and various traffic servicing classes ensures integrated transmission of data, voice and multimedia, information with guaranteed high quality. Stability and reliability of rendered services are ensured by modern mechanisms of intelligent network management and quick rerouting.

Backbone networks of Eurotel

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Last mile

Eurotel offers “last mile” service.Within this service, we provide organization and lease of access channel between Your equipment located outside Eurotel’s access point and the nearest Eurotel’s communications central. By means of this service, You connect to Eurotel’s network and get the opportunity to use our services in full, depending on Your needs. The service may be realized in any way that is convenient for You, whether it be dedicated optical communication channel or modern wireless technologies. Opportunities: This is a basic service for obtaining any services such as Internet access, organization of private virtual networks, etc. By connecting to Eurotel’s network You get an opportunity to not only use our services, but also to provide services to Your clients. Characteristics of service:

  • Service is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Guaranteed service accessibility ratio– 99.5%.
  • As You want, we may sign SLA and render services with other characteristics.
  • We provide 24\7 technical support. Our professionals will answer Your questions at any time and eliminate malfunctions within the shortest possible time.


  1. 1 Individual approach Individual approach to every client begins with analysis of his/her needs, subsequent elaboration of optimal solution for a specific task, prompt examination and project implementation, and ends with provision of standardized support.
  2. 2 Reliability of communications network We guarantee communication quality parameters and may conclude a SLA, as You want.
  3. 3 Flexible tariffication Possibility to choose appropriate tariff and payment method. Wide range of discounts.
Please, contact us to get more detailed information about services of our company:

    • +38 (067) 238-07-76

We will be happy to give prompt and comprehensive answers to all of Your questions